These are the WPSuperFriends

Lilly Crick

Creating memorable experiences for the WordPress Community @ Pagely


For the last decade, Lilly has been guiding top technology brands through creative and agency communities, creating memorable experiences for all who attend. She is a wrangler of children, dogs, a husband, tortoises, engineers, vendors, and just about anything else that needs organizing.

Chris Edwards

Marketing & Building Awareness @ GoDaddy

A former WordPress agency owner, designer, and developer bringing a Pro WordPress point of view as the Director of Marketing for WordPress Hosting at GoDaddy.

Courtney Robertson

Helping people use the internet @ GoDaddy Pro

Courtney is a web design and developer advocate, instructional designer, and contributes to the Make WordPress Training team. When not working, she is with her 2 young boys, gardening, or playing her 7 string electric violin.

Mike Schroder

Core Developer @ GoDaddy

Core Developer / Media Maintainer / Performance Team Sponsored by GoDaddy to contribute to the WordPress community from Japan.

Gabriel A. Mays

Product @ GoDaddy

Just a small town girl livin’ in a lonely world.

Marcus Burnette

WooCommerce Specialist @ GoDaddy Pro


Marcus Burnette is a former agency web designer and developer. Currently, he’s part of the GoDaddy Pro Events and Community Team, co-hosts the Do the Woo podcast and the HeadingTwo WP Podcast, and hosts GoDaddy Pro’s weekly virtual events. As a former member of the SkyVerge team that was acquired by GoDaddy, Marcus is focused primarily on WooCommerce and helping small businesses succeed online.

Beka Rice

Post-it connoisseur @ SkyVerge


Relentless about making commerce amazing for small business owners.

Nestor Angulo de Ugarte

Malware Slayer @ GoDaddy

Technology enthusiast, Computer Science Engineer and WebSecurity geek. Working remotely at GoDaddy WebSecurity and at Sucuri, I’m getting fed my huge curiosity and where I’m in touch everyday with hackers, backdoors, strange cases, etc. always with my mug of coffee and surrounded by my cats which always give valuable feedbacks.

Brady Nord

Product @ GoDaddy

Doing my small part on this awesome team.

Jeff Matson

Minister of Propaganda @ Pagely


Lethal combination of copywriter, developer, and evangelist. Might be an actual robot.

Dave Amirault

Marketing & Brand Savant @ Pagely

Longtime Pagely customer turned marketing chief, Dave is a marketing and brand powerhouse bringing a fresh perspective to the WordPress community. If he’s not behind his keyboard you can probably find him skiing at Alta or riding his mountain bike in Park City.

Max Rice

Chief Bottleneck @ SkyVerge

Cofounder of SkyVerge

Jeff Uberstine

Senior Software Development Manager @ GoDaddy

I make the things super duper fast and super duper awesome! Vroom Vroom!

Joshua Strebel

Rabble Rouser and Prognosticator @ Pagely

CEO and Co-Founder of Pagely.

Dre Armeda

Creating a Safer Web @ GoDaddy

WordPress and website security evanglist!

Jason Schuller

All things UI/UX @ Pagely


Passionate about design. Creator of simple pixel-perfect user experiences. Could also fix your car or re-plumb your house if needed.

Prashant Nedungadi

Vice President, Commerce for Partners & WordPress @ GoDaddy


Bringing together an extraordinary team of WordPress experts and enthusiasts @GoDaddy to build the World’s Largest Managed WordPress Platform.

Adam Warner

Connecting the dots. @ GoDaddy Pro

Passionate about building an inclusive web.

Sandy Edwards

Event Wizard @ GoDaddy Pro


Making events feel like magic and people feel part of the family.

Frankie Jarrett

Software Architect Extraordinaire @ GoDaddy


Addicted to shipping value to customers. 🚀 And if there is a problem, yo, I’ll solve it. 🖐️🎤

Alex Standiford

PHP Developer @ GoDaddy Pro


I am Alex Standiford. I’m a web developer from the little town of Anywhere, USA. I’ve been tinkering with web technologies my entire life, and started my career as a web developer in 2015. Since then, I have built dozens of WordPress plugins, scratch-made websites, and web applications. I am an active contributor to WordPress, where I maintain a couple of plugins, make small updates to documentation errors, and participate in WordCamp organization.

Michael Roehricht

Product Marketing @ GoDaddy


Passionate and customer obsessed storyteller that loves bringing amazing products to market.

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